Who are we?

Vision & Mission

The Educational Box Company's vision and mission is to enable parents in South Africa and give them the opportunity to effortlessly spend quality time with the children despite our busy lives and at the same time contribute to their development.


Our Story

Woelwater started as a toddler stimulation group in a  small town with four mothers and four toddlers and a silly presenter with a very big heart. Nicolene wanted to provide moms with an opportunity to apply the cute pins  that everyone finds on Pinterest as well as have a social event. Before long it grew to four classes per week of different ages. Nicolene did the reading and "Pin work", to work out a new theme for the children and mothers to enjoy. 


After Nicolene and her family moved to the big city, there were so many requests for Woelwater classes that she decided to pack the classes in boxes and mail them to the mothers. The business grew and therefore Melissa’s skills and pro-active attitude was called in. With experience in operational aspects as well as a successful business in the distribution of educational children’s toys and lifestyle products, Melissa could help get the business started before long. 

Our product is also available in Afrikaans as "Woelwater"!


We now distribute these wonderful products countrywide to support and promote parents and children to play together.

A box full of experiences!