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Why get a WackyBox?

1. Maak seker jou kind se ontwikkelingsmylpale word behaal​

Elke ouderdom het hul eie behoeftes, en elke boks is spesifiek daarvoor uitgewerk.


Make sure your child's developmental milestones are met.

Each age has it's own needs and requirements, and each box is developed to meet these needs

WB Ages.png


We do all the preperation for you!

16 NEW, exciting and fun educational activities

delivered to your door every month!

Our box includes EVERYTHING you need.



Not only toys, Educational Experiences

We don't just send toys that your child is going to grow tired of anyway. We ensure that you get NEW experiences every month, all of which are EDUCATIONAL and FUN.

We also utilise the packaging material, so you don't have to worry about clutter!

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What exactly is inside a monthly box


Each box has at least 16 activities inside. Here is an overview of the content of our Bird themed box of 2019:


Make sure the correct skills are being developed


Wackybox ensures that all the following skills are developed, age appropriately:

Fine Motor Skills:

Draw, string, cut and paste! These activities focus on your child's hands and fingers!

Gross Motor Skills:

Roll, sit, crawl, walk, run and jump! These activities help with your child's muscle development, which leads to better brain development.

Sensory Play:

Activities to help stimulate your child's senses! Easy recipes, with all the ingredients already measured! And advice on how to contain the mess!


Crafts & Art:

Fold, paint, stick and cut! Art supplies for art projects that will become your child's favourite toys! 

E - website.png

Emotional skills: Help your child to recognise, handle and express their emotions. Know what is acceptable for your child's age, and what to expect i.e. separation anxiety and tantrums.

Music & Speech: Words to traditional and original songs as well as rhymes to help with your child's rhythm and musical development, which in turn helps with speech development.

S - website.png

Social Skills:

Teach your child what is socially acceptable behaviour for their age! Know what to expect and help him prepare for the next phase of his life.

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