Yearly Themes

  • Themes only available during a specific month for SUBSCRIBERS.

  • Gift Boxes are random and not chosen per theme.

  • If you would like to order a specific theme, please visit our SHOP to see which individual themes are available

M20 Emotions Booklet ID.png


How do you feel?Happy, sad, excited or anxious. We learn about emotions and how to express & communicate them.

M11 Rainbow Booklet Icon.png


Learn about the amazing world of Colours and Water!

Age appropriate activities full of fun!

M14 Sense Booklet & Box Icons.png


We use all our senses each day, but we need to teach our children about them, and how to use them in order to learn AND play!

M17 Birds Booklet ID.png


Welcome to the Wonderful World of Birds! We take a look at 4 different birds, and explore their nests, food and babies!

M21 Plante Voorblad Icons 1-2 1.png


Discover the amazing world of plants. Find our what plants need to grow, different varieties, and grow your own!

M12 Dino Booklet ID.png


A very popular theme for both boys and girls of all ages! Come and find out why this is such a hit!

M15 Insects Booklet ID.png


We learn about wonderful insects, and do some great crafts as well as gross motor exercises inspired by the weird and wonderful world of insects!



Wild animals still fascinate children of all ages! They are the inspiration behind all the activities in this box.

M10 Transport Booklet Icon.png


Awesome activities geared towards things that move! Boats, trains, hot-air balloons and more for boys and girls.

M13 Box ID.png


Learn about Farm Animals AND various other farming activities such as planting. We're learning through PLAY!

M16 Shapes Booklet & Box ID.png


Learn about shapes in age appropriate ways - cutting skills, fine motor skills and great activities for babies as well, all inspired by SHAPES.

M19 Sea Animals Booklet ID.png


Everyone loves going to the seaside! So we are bringing the sea to your Home. Enjoy discovering the ocean together!