• Nicolene Steyn

Preschool Homeschooling - Can I do it?

Children are like popcorn in a pot. They have the same oil, the same heat, but they all “pop” on their own time.

We can give the same input to two different children like twins, but they are going to develop at different paces. One can walk before the other, but it doesn’t mean that the other twin will not walk, or is now "behind". On the contrary, you will see the other twin developing something else - eg. speech, or hand-eye coordination. The oppertune moment of development differs between two children.

Scientists and educational experts call it the Window of Opportunity, the Developmental Window or the Sensitive Periods.

It’s impossible for a parent to sit back and wait until a child’s window of opportunity opens, and it is possible to miss it! So we need to be sensitive to our child’s reactions to new experiences. Their interest will spark the opening of the window.

Here are some tips on how to expose your toddler to new activities, in order to spark interest:

Play Invitations. When your toddler is taking a nap, arrange an activity on a low table or on the floor. Remember to use a "messy cloth" - plastic tablecloth or shower curtain. Now let your toddler "discover" it for herself. Always keep an eye out, but stay out of her way so she can enjoy it by herself.