• Nicolene Steyn

Gross motor for Babies

A fun activity for our SMALLEST WackyBoxers! This is great for developing back muscles, core muscles and the vestibular system.

Take two big bath towels and roll them cylindrically. Make sure they are tightly rolled. Use a piece of rope to secure them together.

Version 1:

  • Let your small baby lie with his chest on the towel roller with his arms over it. His hands must be flat on the floor.

  • Support his pelvis and hips, and gently push him forward over the roller. At first, help him to move his own hands forward for supporting his upper body. Be careful not to roll over his hands.

  • Attract his attention with a toy to encourage him to move his hands.

Version 2:

  • Lie your baby on his tummy in the length on top of the roll, with his head to the one side and his feet to the other. Keep your hands on his back and bum, and roll him softly from one side to the other.

  • Turn him on his back if he’ll let you, and repeat the activity.

  • Sing the song to make the activity more interesting.

Version 3:

  • Let your older baby sit on the roll while looking at you.

  • Support her upper legs and small of her back to move her backwards so that she has to lean forward to maintain her balance. Do the same moving forwards. Be careful not to move too quickly or too vigorously so that she doesn’t topple over.

Have fun!


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